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Cheap Dedicated Servers Hosting, now with SSDs!

Last generation dedicated servers that are a cheaper alternative but with the same powerful infrastructure, reliability and 24/7 high end technical support as the rest of our fleet.

Certified with a 7 point inspection
Pay the same low introductory price for the LIFE of your account.
FREE $150 value sysadmin time to migrate your sites and setup your server
100% Money Back 30 Day Guarantee

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Dual Processor, Quad & Hexa-Core Series:

Servers CPU Cores Memory Default Drive(s) Bandwidth Monthly
Intel Xeon X3440 4×2.53GHz 16 GB DDR3 1TB Hard Drive or 120Gb SSD 10TB $109
Intel Xeon L5520 4×2.8GHz 16 GB DDR3 1TB Hard Drive or 120Gb SSD 10TB $119
Intel Dual Xeon L5639 12×2.13GHz 16 GB DDR3 1TB Hard Drive or 120Gb SSD 10TB $149
Intel Xeon E3-1240v2 4×3.4GHz 16 GB DDR3 1TB Hard Drive or 120Gb SSD 10TB $139
Intel Xeon E3-1270v3 4×3.5GHz 16 GB DDR3 1TB Hard Drive or 120Gb SSD 10TB $179
Intel Dual E5-2650v2 16×2.6GHz 128 GB DDR3 1TB Hard Drive or 120Gb SSD 10TB $449


Dedicated Servers Hosting That’s Better Than Our Competition

Available Add-ons

Add any one of these available add-ons to your Dedicated server at any time!


cPanel is a software designed to turn your existing linux system into a powerful, fully featured hosting platform. Once installed the system is capable to hosting multiple websites, domains, email accounts, databases, etc. The system also provides admin and end user web interfaces for easy management of the server and accounts on it!

Add cPanel for only $10 per month


CloudLinux is a proven solution for web hosting servers that drastically improves server stability and security, increases density, decreases support costs, and prevents churn. CloudLinux delivers these benefits by introducing the latest technologies specifically crafted for web hosting into its kernel. Combine these features with all its tools and integrate them with major control panels and it becomes a must-have for any web hosting server.

Add CloudLinux for only $12 per month


Server Management

It’s simple, downtime costs you money and can possibly cost your reputation! Our management serivce monitors the vitals of your server and all running services to ensure they are up and responding correctly. If a check fails our staff will be notified so we can take immediate action and get your server and all services back up and running. Our management service also includes server hardening, immediate software and security updates to new threats, and provides you with priority support!

Add server management for only $100 per month


Remote Storage

Snapshots are great and all but what happens if the storage array on that host fails or becomes corrupt!? Your data is lost and now your scrambling to find your most recent backup! With our remote storage solution you can configure your server to store it’s backups off server onto a totally seperate storage array. Since the storage array is on site the transfer of your data will be super fast! Our remote storage solutions supports FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SCP, and RSYNC.

Add remote storage for only $0.25/GB per month

*20GB minimum order

Remote Storage

Available Operating Systems

Deploy any of these linux distributions in less than 60 seconds!

CloudLinux CloudLinux

CentOS CentOS

Debian Debian

Ubuntu Ubuntu

Fedora Core Fedora Core

Gentoo Gentoo

openSUSE openSUSE

Slackware Slackware

Scientific Linux Scientific Linux

Arch Linux Arch Linux

Mandrivia Mandrake/Mandrivia


Dedicated Server Manager

Our management interface puts you in control!

Key Features

  • Start, stop, or reboot your server
  • Deploy any available distro in minutes
  • Create, edit, delete, or resize disk images
  • View resource use statistics
  • Out-of-band console access
  • Multiple Server Profiles

See our Dedicated server interface in action!